The Talitha Koumi ripple effect

Talitha Koumi’s journey began in 2017. Mona and I traveled to the island of Java in Indonesia to report on the sex trafficking of young girls in Indonesia. For 6 years, we worked alone with the staff of the Yayasan Kusuma Bongas (Bongas Flowers) foundation. During this time, we prayed that other players would join us to extend the reach of the never-ending fight for these precious young girls!

About 3 years ago, we had the joy of meeting Alyssa, an Indonesian who shares both our faith and our burden for the young girls of the Indramayu district. She has been acting as our interpreter ever since.

Last year, John and Sarah, church planters in Jakarta, joined us. Along with a few members of their church, they accompanied us to Bongas. They then returned on their own initiative last November.

A few days ago, our sister and friend Alyssa shared some news that made us very happy. Having heard about Talitha Koumi and the humanitarian trip made by John and his team, two other anti-trafficking organizations (DARK BALI and UNBOUND) went to Bongas to raise awareness against sex trafficking and pornography.

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