Dita: Where miracle meets reality

Dita: Where the miracle meets reality!

Would it be possible to come and study in Canada?

It all started in 2021 with a simple question that a young girl asked us during a humanitarian trip that we make every year on behalf of Talitha Koumi.

At first, Mona and I answered evasively that it was perhaps possible but frankly, at the time, we had no idea! But meh, to what extent would a young girl from a village located on the island of Java follow up on such a request? However, after a few days, Mona and I asked ourselves the same question: If she is serious, how far are we ready to go in this adventure?

Back in Canada, I checked on the Immigration Canada website if it was possible for Dita to come live with us and study in Canada and the answer is yes. On the website, everything seemed very easy (first illusion, or disillusionment!). So we contacted Dita again to validate the seriousness of her request and to our great surprise, she responded positively. So we started the procedures and that’s when the nightmare began!

For those who read me and are familiar with Immigration Canada, you will probably agree with me if I tell you that the 12 tasks of Asterix are absolutely nothing compared to the immigration process.

First of all, it is absolutely impossible to speak with an immigration officer to get help navigating the maze of procedures. For a year and a half, during 2 applications that ended in refusal without any other form of explanation, we were left to our own devices. Well, not exactly because God himself comforted us. My wife and I felt many times that God encouraged us to persevere but after 2 refusals, hope quickly faded.

It was with a heavy heart that we left for Indonesia in August 2023 for our humanitarian trip. We had hoped until the last moment to bring Dita back with us, but despite this, we still had to go and supervise the work done by our colleagues on site and visit our 30 protégées. After spending 4 days in the village, we returned to Jakarta and spent some time with John, the pastor of a church in the megacity.

That Sunday, we went to the international church attended by expatriates living in Jakarta. To give you some context, Jakarta is a megacity of 33 million inhabitants and it is a very large city. As I was giving a conference on the sex trafficking of minors in Indonesia, my photo was circulating on the church screen. A man sitting in front of me then turned and told me very insistently that I had to meet him after the celebration.

It is extremely important for you, he insisted!

Statistically, the rest of the story is humanly impossible!

I thought I was dealing with a potential donor (we depend on donations) but when we started talking after the celebration, I was quickly surprised by the content of the questions. The man was very intrusive and asked questions that, in my opinion, seemed to go beyond the limits of what a simple donor would ask but good prince, I answered all his questions until he mentioned Dita…

Very surprised, I asked him how he knew Dita. He then revealed to me that in reality, he was an immigration officer at the Canadian embassy and that it was none other than him who had refused the visa application twice rather than once. I have no words to express the degree of amazement that Mona and I felt. Such an encounter is without a doubt a miracle and we were able to see God act in such a powerful way!

This man was able to explain to us in detail the reasons for the refusals and was able to give us valuable advice in the event that we would want to make a third application, which we did of course. In addition, this meeting also reconciled us with the immigration service because we were able to see the great professionalism and sincere desire to protect visa applicants or asylum seekers.

With all this information, we applied for a visa and… WE’RE GOING TO LOOK FOR DITA NEXT SUMMER!

In conclusion, do not doubt the existence of God and his love for you. He still acts now with great power but to see the supernatural, you have to commit yourself to the advancement of the kingdom of God!