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Aspiring to become a world leader in child protection, Talitha Koumi promotes photojournalism to fight against the scourge of sexual exploitation of minors, one of the most aggressive forms of slavery there is.

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A team dedicated to the fight against sexual exploitation

At Talitha Koumi, we work to prevent the sexual exploitation of girls and women in Indonesia. By funding their education through donations to schools, we offer them a safe and promising future. Learn about our commitment and work to protect the most vulnerable.


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Your donations help Talitha Koumi fund the education of young girls in Indonesia, ensuring they have a safe and promising future. Together, we can make a real difference and protect the most vulnerable. Donate today and help us transform lives, giving these girls a future filled with hope and opportunity.


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We are abolitionists

There are three official positions in the wonderful world of human sex trafficking. Can we really think that a girl or a woman voluntarily decides

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From Trafficker to Intervener: Meet Nonot

It has been 22 years since Nonot Taryono, a resident of the village of Bongas, turned his back on the profession of trafficking young women

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Talitha Koumi: We put a face to the victims

They live more than 13,000 km from Canada and they really exist! Talitha Koumi’s motto is to save victims of sex trafficking one image at

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