We are committed to making a difference

Talitha Koumi is a non-profit organization fighting against sexual exploitation of minors.

Our vision

We act in different ways


We change lives, one person at a time. Talitha Koumi is there where there is no hope to let every young girl know that she is deeply loved by God and that her life is precious.


Whether it is with our prevention component which consists of ensuring that a young girl can complete her schooling or with our social reintegration component which consists of rescuing and supporting a victim of sex trafficking, the love that we feel for these young girls is what drives us!


We also believe that victims (prostitutes) should have access to all forms of assistance that enable rehabilitation and social reintegration.

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Our mission

Protecting children and combating sexual exploitation

Talitha Koumi works in a variety of ways, from raising awareness of the problem of child sexual exploitation through photojournalism to freeing victims on the ground.

Mark 5:41 Jesus took her by the hand and said to her, “Talitha Koumi,” which means “Little girl, I say to you, get up.”

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They need our help

Get an intimate look at the victims and responders and see why your help is crucial so we can rescue as many victims of sex trafficking as possible.

We therefore strongly support the criminalization of the perpetrators (clients, pimps and traffickers) as well as any person who benefits directly or indirectly from human sex trafficking.

Our Team

Meet our volunteers

It is no secret that as a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing as many victims as possible, we need help! They have over 90,000 underage prostitutes waiting for our help, this can be your call! Help us build safe houses, educate young victims who are in real distress.

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I am the president and co-founder of Talitha Koumi. In 2015, I was deeply impacted by a documentary on the prostitution of young girls in Indonesia.

As a man of faith, I asked God what I could do to fight against the slavery of young girls in Asia. As a photographer, I received in prayer the mandate to contact NGOs in Indonesia to propose to do a photo report. During the summer of 2017, accompanied by my wife Mona, I was received for a week on the island of Java to document the sex trafficking of young girls.

Talitha Koumi, whose name means young girl, I tell you, get up, was born from this report. For almost 7 years now, we have been leading the fight against this horrible form of slavery with our Indonesian, American and Canadian partners.

We will never give up.



It was with passion and the desire to invest myself in the lives of young girls that I joined the board of directors of Talitha Koumi at the very beginning, in 2017.

I am the co-founder and hold the position of treasurer. The scourge of sex trafficking is an abomination that must be fought.

I have a degree in administration, I have worked in business and banking establishments. I have been a trained nurse for 18 years. The search for ways to develop Talitha Koumi drives me in order to have a positive impact on the lives of as many people as possible.

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François Riendeau

My name is François Riendeau and I have been a member of Talitha Koumi since its founding in 2017. I hold the position of Vice-President on the Board of Directors.

I am a retired teacher. Throughout my career, I was committed to helping and protecting children who needed it. When I heard about what Talitha Koumi would be, I did not hesitate and offered my services. You have to work as a team and collaborate well to change things, this is a strength that we have at Talitha Koumi.

God guided me to be a speaker who would make a difference in education and he still does so through my involvement in different areas. Some causes deserve that we dedicate time to them with heart, this is definitely the case for the Indonesian teenage girls that we help.

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I am very happy to be part of the Talitha Koumi board of directors as a director.

I am a mother of four beautiful children, a boy and three girls, aged 11 to 20. I am fortunate that each of them is healthy, lives in Quebec and can provide for their needs on all levels. My involvement in this organization is for me a way to hope to make a difference in a situation that I am not directly confronted with, but that greatly affects my family and me.

From a professional point of view, I am a specialized educator at the Granby hospital, in the social service in physical health, more specifically in a geriatric context. I have obtained 4 university certificates in recent years: entrepreneurship and SME management, gerontology, pastoral studies and helping relationships. With my interest in the cause and my different background from the other members of the Board, I can bring ideas and a different point of view that brings a diverse color within the Board and I like to believe that together, but especially with the help of God, we have a positive impact on the future of these young girls in Indonesia.

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Member of the Board of Directors
When I learned how Talitha Koumi was helping young girls to avoid prostitution, it spoke to me.

By allowing them to study, we were giving them the chance to have a better life. So I decided to get involved by joining the board of directors.

I worked in education for about thirty years, as a teacher and in management. A child should be able to enjoy life as a child in a healthy environment. Young girls should have the same rights no matter what country they are in. That is why we sponsor young girls and help them. Help us make a difference for these young girls!

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Member of the Board of Directors
From the beginning, my wife Marjorie and I were committed to supporting Talitha Koumi in order to make a difference in the lives of young girls who are at risk of sexual slavery.

God calls us all to spread his justice where injustice reigns. This is what I try to do, very humbly, for these young girls.

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Chief Administrator of the Partner Foundation
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Speaker in Indonesia