When we think of a pimp, a trafficker, a pedophile or even a psychopath, we often imagine someone with a threatening or terrifying face when in reality, these criminals look like Mr. Everybody.

Same thing for a victim of sexual exploitation, in other words, a prostitute.

In this last article of the series, we invite you to meet an abuser, Mr. Suliman, trafficker and pimp, whom we were able to interview in a brothel in the district of Indramayu, in the province of West Java.

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A cup of tea with Mr. the deputy

This is the 3rd and penultimate article in our series on child prostitution in Indonesia where we had the opportunity to speak with a deputy from Indramayu district.


3-A cup of tea with Mr. the deputy


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Prostitution: The chef of Bongas’ police point of view

In this interview, you will be able to discover how the new police chief of the village of Bongas perceives the problem of sex trafficking in and around his village.

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To read: 2- Maryudi eng

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Better understand prostitution: 4 interviews

After 3 years of waiting, Talitha Koumi (TK) was finally able to return to Indonesia to see how our fight against prostitution among underage girls is progressing! As part of her mandate, Talitha Koumi also has the mission of investigating and writing articles with photos in order to better understand the situation of prostitution as well as to expose it.

To do this, Daniel Jean, photojournalist for Talitha Koumi was able to carry out 4 interviews with actors in the world of prostitution, both among minors and among women over 18 years of age.

For the next 4 weeks, you are invited to consult the TK blog to follow the reports of our photojournalist.

This week, we are talking with Ms. Suzi Anti, deputy director of the child protection and women’s service.

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Click on 1- Suzi Ianti, government official to read .

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What’s new, Elsa?

Elsa is a young girl Talitha Koumi accepted in its sex child trafficking prevention program 4 years ago.

We invite you to listen and discover what a difference Talitha Koumi can make in a child’s life and in her family as well.

Click on WHAT’S NEW , ELSA ? to watch.

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Strangely, and although the consensus on the issue is accepted internationally, sex tourism is not a crime in Indonesia since the crime as such is not defined in the legal framework.

As a result, Indonesia is seeing no respite from the increase in sex crimes among minors, both girls and boys.

The Indonesian Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (KPPPA) recorded a sharp increase in human trafficking cases during the pandemic with 256 victims in 2021, compared to 213 in 2020 and 111 in 2019.

Child exploitation, including the use of minors in criminal activities and hazardous work, is also on the rise, with more than 165 cases reported in 2021 – up from 133 in 2020 and 106 in 2019, with most victims coming from from West Java and East Nusa. Provinces of Tenggara.

According to the most recent figures available from Australian NGO Walk Free’s Global Slavery Index, around 1.2 million Indonesians were enslaved in 2016. Many were trafficked for domestic work in their country and abroad or exploited in the sex trade. About 43% of Indonesian victims of trafficking are believed to be between 14 and 17 years old.


Just in 2016, we are talking about 1.2 million Indonesians reduced to slavery! Since then the planet has been hit by the covid-19 pandemic and unsurprisingly the poorest of the poor have been hit even harder. The pandemic and its corollary (the famous confinement) has deprived many Indonesians of the little that their work of misery managed to give them.

It is very difficult to change the mores of a population and in general, in South-East Asia, one makes little case of prostitution. During our report in 2017, witnesses explained to us that they preferred that their husbands go to see prostitutes rather than take mistresses because it put them in less danger of ending up on the street if ever the mistress prevailed over the married woman. You should know that in Indonesia the status of women is unenviable and schooling is not encouraged, which makes them victims who are easy to fool and very unaware of their rights.


We should also mention that there are very few convictions for sexual crimes against children because under Indonesian legislation, the perpetrators of these crimes (pimp, trafficker or other) will not be prosecuted for having violated the laws concerning human trafficking but rather according to child protection law. These articles of law lead to much lighter penalties for those (and they are very rare) who have the misfortune to fall into the hands of incorruptible judicial officers.


The problem with our legal system is that it is difficult to prove whether such cases can be considered human trafficking,” she said, adding that the legal definition should also include transport, harboring or “receiving” people as well as fraud and coercion. .

And she pointed out that if the victims are children “sometimes the perpetrators can only be charged under child protection law, not anti-trafficking law.”


At Talitha Koumi, far from discouraging us, these figures and facts only strengthen our determination to be part of the fight against this modern form of slavery. Thanks to our generous donors and the staff of our partner on the island of Java, we are saving precious young girls, one by one. We make our own the values ​​of the Lord Jesus for whom the value of a single soul would have justified his death on the cross.



Talitha Koumi is an anti-trafficking organization entirely dependent on donors. We are not affiliated with any religious or governmental denomination in order to preserve our independence.

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We were waiting for this for quite a while but it all came through, thanks to our all mighty God !

You may wonder what we were waiting for ? For a few months now, we were in need of finds to take 9 more girls under our wing. But to do this, we needed also to add a staff to our actual team. More staff, more girls, more money !

This week, we received excellent news form Église Nouvelle Vie in Canada and were therefor able to go ahead with this project.

Now, you might be thinking: If Talitha Koumi has the funds for those 9 new girls, why should I become a sponsor ? Very simple. When someone commits itself to a girl and become a sponsor , it liberates money so we can take one more girl and send her to school.

Just remember there are 90 000 girls, at least, already caught in prostitution rings and the ones we are keeping in school will not fall in the hands of sex child traffickers.

So, please take a few minutes and click on the OUR PRECIOUS GIRLS tab in the upper screen to meet our girls. Everything you need to know about becoming a sponsor is also explained in that page. If you need further explanations, just fill the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

You CAN  make a difference ! Will you ?

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A typical day in Yeti’s family

A typical day in Yeti’s family

In this short video, we invite you to discover what a day in the life of an Indonesian family in need looks like.

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Daniel Jean, CEO and founder of Talitha Koumi

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SRI: The perfect exemple of human trafficking

We have just received the story of Sri Dewi, a 15-year-old Indonesian girl who has just been rescued from a human trafficking network.

Before being trapped, Sri lived with his mother, stepfather and sister.

They live with difficulty from a small business and since the school takes place online, Sri likes very much to help his family to exploit this one.

In 2021, a friend contacted her to offer her a job in a café in the city of Surrabaya. As soon as she arrives, a trafficker involved in human trafficking seduces Sri by offering her a better paying job on the island of West Papua.

Shortly after arriving on the island, he is flown into the jungle by helicopter to work in a cafe near a mine. This is when things get tricky.

When Sri fails to meet the cafe owner’s sales targets, she suffers physical and verbal abuse.

She will manage to get in touch with her mother and thanks to a child protection worker, she manages to return home.

She is currently hospitalized because she suffers from appendicitis, a urinary tract infection and kidney stones. Due to an error on her health insurance, we may not be able to treat her.

Sri is the perfect example of the typical victim of human trafficking. In order to help her family, she was trapped by highly skilled predators.

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A word from the president and founder of Talitha Koumi

The fight against sex child trafficking continues. Please watch this video where the president and founder, Daniel Jean, of Talitha koumi share a brief retrospection of year 2021 and share hopes and plans for 2022.

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