The great commandement, what God is asking us to do is to LOVE, this is our initial inspiration and still our main mission everyday.


Preventing juvenile prostitution in Southeast Asia and here in Canada, helping victims and support organizations fighting against trafficking in minors.


We also believe that victims (prostitutes) should be offered any form of assistance for rehabilitation and social reintegration.

Marc 5:41 Taking her by the hand, Jesus said, “Talitha koumi” which means, “Little girl, I say to you, get up!”

Talitha Koumi acts in many different ways: From raising awareness of the problem of sexual exploitation of children through photojournalism to going in the field to free the victims from their abuser.

From factual information to intimate portraits of victims and interveners, see why your help is so crucial in order for us to rescue as many victims of sex traficking as possible.

We are therefore strongly in favor of the criminalization of the abusers (customers, pimps and traffickers) as well as of anyone profiting directly or indirectly from the sexual trafficking of human beings.

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Our Team & Volunteers

This isn’t a secret for anyone, as a non-profit organization aiming to deliver as many victims as possible, we need help ! They over 90 000 underaged prostitutes out there waiting for a way to opt out, this may be your call ! Help us build shelters, educate and send money to young victims who are in real distress.

  • Nonot Heryawan
  • Okem Payot
  • Jeremie Wutun
  • Rian Siap
    • Suliastani Anda Dewii
    • Michel Jean
    • Michelle Plante
    • David Naud
      • Mathieu Lesage
      • Stéphanie Taschereau
      • Raphaëlle Lesage
      • Roxan Lemire