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There are three official positions in the wonderful world of human sex trafficking. Can we really think that a girl or a woman voluntarily decides to become a prostitute? In this blog, I will present these three points of view and I will take the opportunity to position Talitha Koumi from the outset: We are […]

Talitha Koumi: We put a face to the victims

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They live more than 13,000 km from Canada and they really exist! Talitha Koumi’s motto is to save victims of sex trafficking one image at a time, so this article wants to introduce you to some of the victims that some of the victims that we met during our photo-reportage. Anis Anis This young mother […]

From Trafficker to Intervener: Meet Nonot

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It has been 22 years since Nonot Taryono, a resident of the village of Bongas, turned his back on the profession of trafficking young women for the prostitution networks from the district t of Bongas. When we say trafficker, it is often the image of the gangster from Eastern European countries that comes to mind, […]

Talitha Koumi on the field during the pandemic

This blog will be short. I just want to share with you the latest news from our girls in Indonesia. First, the good news. Last week, TK received a donation of $1,500 from the NGO Dark Bali. This aid is intended to provide food to 10 new families for 2 months in the village of […]

Talitha Koumi and Kusuma Bongas at the service of our protégées

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Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing Talitha Koumi and Kusuma Bongas take care of our protégées live. Come and meet our girls and Mr. Nonot Terryano, our loyal collaborator in the Indramayu district. To watch the video, click HERE. TO SUPPORT US AND TO DONATE, click HERE. Daniel Jean Founding President of Talitha Koumi.

Talitha Koumi makes a difference during the pandemic

Pandemic or not, the fight against sex trafficking of young girls in Indonesia must continue. And it continues! Thanks to a grant from the organization Dark Bali, TK can offer food aid to 10 new families for 2 months, which brings to a total of 19 the number of families supported by us. Currently (schools […]