Talitha Koumi on the field during the pandemic

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This blog will be short. I just want to share with you the latest news from our girls in Indonesia.

First, the good news. Last week, TK received a donation of $1,500 from the NGO Dark Bali. This aid is intended to provide food to 10 new families for 2 months in the village of Bongas where we work with the Kusuma Bongas Foundation (Bongas Flowers).

I will also be participating in a ZOOM meeting with several NGOs involved in the fight against sex trafficking of girls in Indonesia on Tuesday, May 26 at 11:00 p.m. (due to the time difference) to take stock of the situation of sex trafficking during this pandemic period.

On this subject, our collaborator Mr. Nono Terryano (in the photo above) gave me an update on the situation for the Indramayu district and it is not rosy.

Already highly precarious with small jobs that do not even allow them to meet their needs, current families have seen their situation worsen with the loss of these small jobs. Since there is virtually no government assistance in Indonesia to guarantee a minimum income, our collaborator notes a clear increase in domestic violence.

Since abusers and predators do not take any rest but take advantage of the crisis to extend their hold on families, they are even more tempted to sell their daughters to prostitution networks. Let us remember that extreme poverty is the number one factor leading to prostitution and that the situation in Indonesia has deteriorated considerably with this pandemic.

Currently, it costs approximately $118 CAD to provide the following commodities (rice, sugar, eggs, instant noodles, vegetable oil, mask and hand sanitizer) to a family for a period of 2 months.

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On behalf of all the families that TK helps, I say a BIG thank you.

Daniel Jean

CEO Talitha Koumi

Photographer reporter