SRI: L’exemple parfait d’une victime de trafic humain

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We have just received the story of Sri Dewi, a 15-year-old Indonesian girl who has just been rescued from a human trafficking network.

Before being trapped, Sri lived with his mother, stepfather and sister.

They live with difficulty from a small business and since the school takes place online, Sri likes very much to help his family to exploit this one.

In 2021, a friend contacted her to offer her a job in a café in the city of Surrabaya. As soon as she arrives, a trafficker involved in human trafficking seduces Sri by offering her a better paying job on the island of West Papua.

Shortly after arriving on the island, he is flown into the jungle by helicopter to work in a cafe near a mine. This is when things get tricky.

When Sri fails to meet the cafe owner’s sales targets, she suffers physical and verbal abuse.

She will manage to get in touch with her mother and thanks to a child protection worker, she manages to return home.

She is currently hospitalized because she suffers from appendicitis, a urinary tract infection and kidney stones. Due to an error on her health insurance, we may not be able to treat her.

Sri is the perfect example of the typical victim of human trafficking. In order to help her family, she was trapped by highly skilled predators.