Talitha Koumi

Saving children one image at a time.

Talitha Koumi acts in two ways:

  • We fight against sexual exploitation and trafficking of children.
  • We will investigate the field by doing photojournalism.

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Our activity areas

Our tactics?

  • Raise awareness of the problem of sexual exploitation of children through photojournalism
  • Preventing Juvenile Prostitution in Southeast Asia and Here in Canada
  • Helping victims
  • Support organizations fighting against trafficking in minors

Talitha Koumi, we are resolutely abolitionist.

We believe that a woman, under no circumstances, can freely choose the path of prostitution.

We are therefore strongly in favor of the criminalization of the abusers (customers, pimps and traffickers) as well as of anyone profiting directly or indirectly from the sexual trafficking of human beings.

We also believe that victims (prostitutes) should be offered any form of assistance for rehabilitation and social reintegration. In no case should a victim fear the police.