Who does Talitha Koumi fight for ?

  • Every year, 2 million children disappear in the world.
  • 1 child is abused, raped, tortured or killed every 30 seconds.
  • In the course of a year, a child prostitute will be abused by 2,000 men.
  • In Asia, it pays dear for a virgin.
  • There are 66,000 prostitutes under the age of 18 in Indonesia.

Each of these faces can be a child who will inflate the statistics.

In the heart of the redlight district

Follow the fascinating journey of our reporter photographer by diving into the darkness.Sorry, text in french only but pictures are in english (LoL).

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Meet our girls

This is Dewii, a young mother of 18 years old. We financially support his little boy, Adit. Thanks to your support, she was able to finish high school. As there are no jobs in Indramayu District, your donations serve to meet the basic needs of his little boy.

She was part of Talitha Koumi's social reintegration program. This component consists of financial support to facilitate the return to school of victims of human trafficking.
This is Sinta. Daughter of a prostitute mother now deceased. Sinta has contracted HIV and will have to spend her life on tri-therapy. In addition, she was rejected by her village because of HIV but a lady was moved with compassion for her and collected it. Sinta is also a target of choice for the traffickers and as the lady who shelters it does not have the financial means to send it to the school, Talitha Koumi took it under its wing.

Needs: $ 100 CAD per month for school fees.

Here is the testimony of Sinta:

Hello, how are you? I like that I'm fine, I hope that Mr. Daniel and Mona will stay healthy too. Thank you for your help, I'm still in school I want to keep going to school and I want to be a smart personWhen will Mr. Daniel visit Indonesia again?

Sinata Amalia
Here is the studious and very serious Mayda. Orphaned, she had no one to rely on to take care of her and send her to school, which made her a prime target for traffickers in search of young prostitutes.

It is part of our Program to Prevent the Sex Trafficking of Indonesian Youth. The needs are in the order of $ 100 CAD per month for school fees.

Here is the testimony of Mayda:

Hello how are you Mr. Daniel?I am well, thank you Mr. Daniel for your help, because it has been very useful for me because I can continue my studies. Oh, I just told you that since Monday, September 9, I moved to a school in Jakarta and I went to school at SMPN 1 Jakarta. Again, thank you, if I can, I ask for help, do not separate, because it means a lot for tuition in Jakarta.

Thank you,
Here is the very shy Elsa. It was quite a deal to convince her to let herself be photographed. In her case, she is part of the prevention of sex trafficking of girls in Indonesia.This component is simply to keep girls in school to cut the grass under the feet of traffickers. costs nearly $ 100 CAD per month to send a child to primary and secondary school.

Before Talitha Koumi took her under her wing, Elsa was busy with her paralyzed grandfather and she kept a flock of goats.

Here is the testimony of Elsa:

Hello Mona Simard,

I am Elsa, I am in good health, I hope that Mrs. Mona Simard and Mr. Daniel too.Thanks for all your help, I hope it will be a blessing.I am always at school and I can still take care of my sister with your help. Once again, thank you very much, may Almighty God always bless you.Thanks
On the left is Svelana with her sister Alyca. They live with grandma who can not afford to send them to school. Faced with this state of affairs, they informed their grandmother of their desire to continue anyway the school, the two sisters want to become a doctor.

Needs: $ 200 CAD per month for school fees.