Talitha koumi in action despite the pandemic

Pandemic or not, the fight against sex trafficking of young girls in Indonesia must continue. And it continues!

Thanks to a grant from the organization Dark Bali, TK can offer food aid to 10 new families for 2 months, which brings the total number of families supported by us to 19.

Currently (the schools are closed), our aid is food but as soon as the schools open, we will return to our primary mission: The prevention of prostitution and the reintegration of young girls victims of prostitution.

This year, the goal was to support 15 families by June 2020. By June 2021, we are targeting a target of 100 families. Do you have the audacity to pray with faith, with me, to this end? Will you support us financially on a regular basis?

Finally, here are 2 links to watch a short video of TK working in the field as well as an interview that I gave to a TV program from the Ministry of Teaching Me.

Good viewing !

TK in the field

Daniel Jean in interview The interview begins at minute 20 (Sorry, in french only)

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